Monday, February 15, 2010

In Rare Public Display, Couple Gets Engaged In Times Square On Valentine's Day

Love really was in the air this weekend. WCBTV reported on PDA all over Manhattan. Artist Richard Velloso created his “The Kisses Down Houston Street,” turning bell shaped decorative flourishes on the traffic islands of Houston St into giant Hershey Kisses. And though "nothing says love like a giant, stone-cold heart," one man took the opportunity to propose to his significant other in front of the Ice Heart sculpture at Times Square on Saturday evening.

Man about town @JoseSPiano was trying to get a good "couples-free" shot of the Ice Heart when he noticed a young man and women near the sculpture, when the man suddenly got down on one knee:
Presenting a ring box, opening it..."Will you marry me?" She squealed. -"Yes." Then everyone around them started clapping and congratulating them, myself included. He did not place the ring on her finger until he was back on his feet, and that took a while since her hands were shaking from the cold."

(Photos from JoseSPiano)
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