Friday, January 15, 2010

Corner of Grand And Bowery Gets It's Very Own Halal Food Cart

Last night at 10pm, two gentleman were nudging their Halal food cart into place on the corner of Grand and Bowery, for the very first time. Having never before eaten food from a food cart, I bit the bullet last night and ordered the first item this food cart has ever sold on this spot; a falafel sandwich for $5 that was good. Not bad, not excellent.

The proprietor informed me he moved his cart here after having a rough day with the police in Queens where he was previously, receiving four tickets for undisclosed violations, and being told to "Move here, no you can't be here, move there..." He seemed to think the corner of Grand and Bowery is as good as any.

As he set up his cart, he had a tape measure out and was responsibly measuring the distance from his cart to the bank at the other edge of the sidewalk, a nearby fire hydrant, and the corner. He was at a legally acceptable distance from all. With a lack of Halal food carts in this area, he might have a niche here, and certainly won't need to worry about turf wars.

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