Monday, December 7, 2009

Newspapers Are So Hot Right Now

Newspapers are being used in all manner of creative endeavors lately, in addition to their normal status as news delivery systems. Recently, there was the fake New York Times courtesy of the Yes Men and the six issues of a one-off newspaper that the Lower East Side's Dexter Sinister recently produced in Penn Station—right under the nose of the New York Times.

And now Twitter user AustinHorse alerted me to an interesting advertisement atop a taxi cap, for the A&E television show Hoarders. The campaign utilizes clear panels on the rooftop ads, and fills them with old newspapers. You can get a good look at them below, in photos posted by blogger Ask A Copywriter.

Interestingly, he also spied the same advertisement removed from the roof of a cab, left alone and abandoned on a sidewalk of New York City. So many metaphors, yah?
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