Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Netflix Members In The Five Boroughs Are Watching

Netflix allows you to view what their members in different parts of the country are renting, "much more than other Netflix members."

Below are screengrabs showing the top ten movies (from a listing of 25 displayed) in each borough of New York City that are being rented much more than Netflix members elsewhere. For unknown reasons, Queens was not an option in the menu of major cities in New York City; instead, you had to choose between just a few neighborhoods within, such as Jackson Heights, Flushing, or Astoria. Astoria was chosen.  The number one movie being rented much more by Netflix members in Manhattan than anywhere else in the country? Nursery University. Born Rich takes the number four slot.

As an added bonus, Yonkers is also included in this exercise. The number one movie being rented in Yonkers "much more" than anywhere else in the country? Scroll down to see.





Staten Island:

And the top ten movies being rented at Netflix much more in Yonkers, than elsewhere in the country:

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