Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If You See Something, Say Something?

This unlocked and open access door appears to be for a water pipe. Most likely, someone used it to spruce themselves up before going out in public. It didn't seem too disconcerting, though it did seem odd. NYC The Blog considered saying something to someone—after all, who would want a terrorist to stick gum in there? Not me. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be any station agents around to mention it to.

NYC Transit spokeman Charles Seaton, speaking with the Daily News about the recent and numerous reductions in station agents across the five boroughs, was adamant commuters would be just as safe despite this:
"Safety isn't even a consideration. Crime is down at stations across the city. The NYPD is doing a good job of patrolling them."
An agent along the A line wasn't so sure things would go so smoothly with the reduction in agents. "We're the eyes and ears of the subway," he said. "We're not police officers but we're trained to help people."
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