Monday, October 12, 2009

New MTA Bus: DesignLine EcoSaver IV (2009)

MTA New York City Bus DesignLine EcoSaver IV (2009)
DesignLine EcoSaver IV (2009) Idling on Houston

Last year, DesignLine USA announced "a test and evaluation contract" with the MTA for the ECO Saver IV, a hybrid electric 42-foot bus that is far quieter than others in the fleet and has lower emissions than other buses.
This contract will allow the initial delivery of 30 new DesignLine EcoSaver IV Hybrid Electric heavy duty transit buses to the agency with an option of an additional 60 buses. NYCT is expecting to deploy these new buses on multiple routes.

The unique propriety hybrid propulsion system used in DesignLine’s EcoSaver IV bus
sets itself above all of the current competition in the worldwide heavy duty vehicle marketplace. This system is quieter than other hybrid propulsion systems in operation and lowers harmful emissions.
When the bus photographed at top was idling on Houston St, the noise was so minimal as to be pleasant. Watch and listen to it roll by in the video posted by Caitsith810.
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