Monday, February 2, 2009

How Much Does Your Coffee Cost?

Too much money I imagine. But whateves right?

It was nice that some readers here have left comments and sent emails wondering what happened to NYC The Blog. I liked that, and it made me regret that I havent been able to give NYCTB more attention at this time.

When I have the internet again, am not sleeping on the floor, and generally feel more comfortable with my time and space, I fully intend to ressurect this gem of an online outlet for the best information about nyc and harlem featuring original reporting from Night Court, the streets, public transit, and wherever these feet happen to be present. Look, Im so wack at this point I cant even hyperlink shit above to these awesome posts you miss, cause im using a friends computer and need to hit and run here.

But ive been busy, blogging, shooting and editing video, moving, working multi jobs for friends or otherwise, and you know, doing what we do. Here's an example:

"And here’s a tip we don’t often like to give, as those who have their lights turned on will often do their own extrapolation, extending the math to other commodities such as housing—and truthfully, we’d rather they choose Bushwick or Greenpoint first—but a regular coffee will only set you back fifty cents at a bodega in Harlem. If you want a seat to go with your coffee as well, at any of our favorite restaurants in Spanish Harlem, a café con leche will double your cost to one dollar."

brb, as they say.
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