Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why Are Four Cameras On The Corner 125th And Federick Douglas BLVD Focused On The United House Of Prayer For All People Church?

The top right photo shows the corner of 125th and Frederick Douglas BLVD as photographed from the SW corner of 125th St. You can see a large brick building housing a Duane Read on the NE corner, and on the SE corner a building housing a Capital One Bank on the ground floor, and the United House of Prayer on the second floor.

Slightly befuddling, there are a number of cameras on top of the red brick building that seem to be trained directly at the widows of the church across the street, The United House of Prayer For All People, which I first noticed early in the summer.

The photo above right displays the south side of the brick building which faces the church, with the five cameras visible on the roof, with one pointing towards the sidewalk on the NW side of it's building; the other four cameras appear to be trained directly at the windows of the church on the second floor across the street.

It's possible the cameras are recording the sidewalk, the general area, the bank, a combination of all three. As well, a building the church owned was the target of an arsonist in 1995 which killed eight people, a fire the police surmise was set in retaliation in response to the church's effort to evict The Record Shack, a long standing record store in a building the church owns, an effort which went on for years recently culminating in The Record Shack being forcefully evicted, which opens up the possibility that the church itself arranged for the cameras to be placed there as a means of recording any further possible criminal activity directed at the church. A call to Church headquarters was not returned.

I wonder if anyone can date the cameras? Did any of you make notice of them years ago? Anyone hear why they were installed?

Without knowing who owns the cameras, what they are recording, and why, they remain a source of suspicion as to their intent. The building housing the church is pictured to the right.
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