Friday, November 14, 2008

UPDATED: Newsstand At 116th And Lexington Downtrain 6 Train Station Has Last Three NY Times Nov 5th Election Papers In The World

The whole world wanted a newspaper on Nov 5th. But you couldn't find one. And because you didn't feel like making a phone call to whatever paper, requesting a copy, which they gladly would have sent you, maybe you waited on a line for an hour or two to get your grubby hands on one. Or, in an even worse display of your rampant unchecked consumerism/lack of intelligence, you paid $300.00 for a copy of the historic NY Times paper on Ebay. Papers freely made available on the NYTimes website for $15.00 where they note, "Don't worry: We have an abundance of Nov. 5 newspapers!", which are still inexplicably being sold on Ebay for upwards of $40.00 or more.

If you're going to spend that kind of money, you might want to consider an official aluminum press plate the NY Times used for the Nov. 5th edition, made available in limited quantities, which the Times is also shilling on their website for $149.00 and which seems a more appropriate value.

Either way, if you must have a copy of the newspaper itself, the photo above right shows one enterprising newsstand in the downtown bound 6 train station on 116th St and Lexington, which as of last night had "three or four" Nov. 5th NY Times papers available at $8.oo a pop, as well as a few New York Amsterdam News left, "The new Black view", which are printed weekly and is the Nov. 6th-12th edition, the first printing after the election. Those too are currently being sold on Ebay for upwards of $25.oo each. If you don't get up to 116th in time, NYC The Blog will be making a copy of each available next week.

[UPDATE: A reader writes in to say that after visiting the NYTimes store to purchase the historic paper today, she was met with an invitation to leave an email so they can notify you when they have more available. Wow, have they run out? Just last night the store website allowed you to purchase the paper, and as noted here, said ""Don't worry: We have an abundance of Nov. 5 newspapers!"]

[UPDATE: City Room responds via email, "Doubt they've run out. We've seen them around town at other vendors." I'd tend to agree, though just to be clear, as the screen grab taken late afternoon from the NYTimes Store website shows, they ask you to leave your email, and state that "you will be notified as soon as a paper is available for you to purchase", implying there are no papers available for purchase at this time.]

[UPDATE: The papers are now again available for immediate order]
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