Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Information On Last Night's Shooting, Two Bystanders Wounded

Yesterday evening at approximately 9:45 PM three shots were fired in front of 666 St. Nicholas Ave by a gunman under the scaffolding.
An anonymous source at the NYPD spoke with NYC The Blog over the phone last night and offered some more details. The gunman, noted by the red marker on the map was in front of 666 St Nicholas Ave, under the scaffolding, as was the intended target, noted with a blue marker.

The police are considering that an argument may have taken place between the gunman and victim, possibly over drugs, on the SE corner of 145th and St. Nicholas, across the street from where two innocent bystanders were shot shortly after. The source claimed that the suspect and intended victim have given contradictory information about what led up to the shooting.

The two either continued down the block or were already there, outside of 666 St Nicholas when the gunman took out his gun and fired three shots. At least one hit his intended target, who was taken to Harlem Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Another bullet traveled north up the street, striking two women standing on the NE corner of 145th and St. Nicholas, as noted by the two purple markers. One woman called 911 to report that her friend had just been shot in the leg. Unbeknownst at the time to the woman who called 911, the bullet ricochet and struck her in the rear end as well. Both woman were taken to Harlem Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect was eventually caught on 132rd, after being followed by an off-duty officer who witnessed the crime.

UPDATE: Uptown Flavor comments, The Daily News has report on the shooting, Hero cop nabs Harlem gunman

++This is what the corner looked like 24 hours earlier.
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