Thursday, November 13, 2008

"I paid $35,000 for the apartment in 1994"

Those are words that casually came out of a friends mouth, while at his one bedroom apartment in Murray Hill this week. (not pictured in photo at right)

"I bought it at foreclosure in 1994. Actually, someone else did. Some woman placed the winning bid, sight unseen, for $29,000. After giving it some thought, I offered her $35,000 for the apartment after the auction ended."

"After giving it some thought"? Like what? You went home and batted the idea of buying an apartment in NYC for $35,000 and were like, I don't know, that's a lot of money, its not worth a dime over $30,000!?

Uggh. "I bought the apartment for $35,000", "Do you like my new Coach bag?" and "That restaurant is very exclusive. It has a doorman and velvet rope" are all little sequences are words that make me want to kill myself.

Dear God please help me find an apartment for an equivalent price. Also, thanks for blessing my friend.
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