Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harlem World

  • The George Washington Houses in East Harlem lived up to their reputation for having the worst elevator breakdowns Tuesday when firefighters had to rescue yet another trapped resident. <NY Daily News>
  • Jazz Feet Part 1 <Sekou Writes>
  • Awesomely, Skateboards Rule the Heights! <The Gay Recluse>
  • A reader at Trainjotting wants to know, Is it safe to ride the 6 train in Harlem? <Trainjotting>
  • Major League Baseball Deal in Harlem Strikes Out <Uptown Flavor>
  • Green Rental Breaks Ground in East Harlem <Globe St>
  • 8 reviews of popular eating spots in Harlem <>
  • ...And one foodie ads their own opinion upon hearing word of a new 'exlusive VIP only lounge', "And they say there’s no progress in this country! Just twenty years ago, who would have thought that Harlem would have a douchey, members-only VIP lounge where dissipated oligarchs can pay $500 for bottles of shitty vodka? <The Feedbag
  • Is FDB becoming the restaurant row in Harlem? <Harlem Condo Life>
  • He wakes up everyday at 4 a.m., completes his morning routine, and leaves his home near LaGuardia airport so he can open up his newsstand down at the subway stop on 116th Street and Broadway by 6 a.m. <Columbia Spectator>
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