Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Harlem World

  • Columbia University: And All Ye Who Enter Morningside Heights Shall Be Pure Of Hearts And Of Service To Our Young Students. "With the exception of a few buildings, Broadway's storefronts are owned by Columbia and University affiliates between 111th and 123rd streets. On Amsterdam, Columbia owns the majority of storefronts between 115th and 122nd...In 2006, a store owner told the Spectator that the University requires proprietors to submit business proposals and comply with certain stipulations in exchange for their favorable rental terms...'Columbia considers a variety of local needs before making a decision on the type of business that can become a business tenant. Beyond that, we do not comment on our negotiations.'" <The Bwog>

  • Washington Heights resident not blowing smoke, documents neighborhood air quality violations on his blog, becoming the lead in neighborhood's quest to remedy an egregious environmental problem under their noses. Exposing an oft overlooked side to urban living uptown, photographing the thick black smoke that pours out of 671 West 162nd, while other residents converse in the comments about what steps they can take, no doubt aware that people power will move the issue. "Officials and politicians? Not even footnotes in this story, which is about the aggregation of capital and the relentless rise of the metropolis."
    <The Gay Recluse>

  • Some great fall shots of Upper Manhattan <Paz's New York Minute>
  • Undiscovered Beach in Manhattan? <NY Daily Photo>
  • Antibodies to cockroach and mouse proteins are associated with a greater risk for wheeze, hay fever and eczema in preschoolers, New York researchers say. <UPI.com>
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