Monday, November 3, 2008

Harlem World

We are the future, photograph by copepodo.

  • Columbia Journalism students will be broadcasting the election online
    <Columbia University>
  • Law Enforcment has reservations about story of woman who fell in an elavtor shaft in an E. Harlem building <NY1>
  • Harlemites have until November 12th to see several window installations, digital projections, local tours and events taking center stage uptown. <Uptown Flavor>
  • NY1 caught up with some voters outside Amy Ruth's restaurant in Harlem on Saturday morning to talk about the election <NY1>
  • Photos from the Harlem aqueduct, which has recently been welded shut
    <Harlem Hybrid>
  • D. Bell writes an opininated and sharply worded op-ed about AM New York's recent article on Charles Rangel <Uptown Flavor>
  • Harlem gets it's own secret bar, 79 Orchard St, which is on FDB btw 112 and 113, opened by the owners of Society Cafe, a cute and welcome, but over priced coffee shop and cafe. <Harlem Fur>
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