Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Harlem Celebrates, And The World Watches

This post will be updated throughout the day with new photos and videos taken in Harlem during the day and evening yesterday.

Last night at Adam Clayton Powell BLVD, throngs of people watched Obama elected president. Press from nyc, the nation, and the world were on hand all day, broadcasting the images across the globe. NYC The Blog was there as well gathering lots of video and photos, and will be posting it here throughout the day on this post. Below is video of the crowd when CNN announced on the Jumbotron that Obama had won CA, Wash., and Oregon, locking up the election.

++The news stand on the corner of 145th and St. Nicholas, which consists of a gentleman who sets up two tables every morning to sell the newspapers, has been sold out since 5:45 am. He sets up at 5:30am and has all the daily newspapers, including Spanish language dailies, the Financial Times, and a smattering of other local newspapers such as the Amsterdam News. He informed me that he sold out of just about everything 15 minutes later, with one man buying 20 copies of the Daily News alone. There are a couple of Spanish langauge newspapers left which have not used the front page top highlight the election. People who have stopped by to get a paper have noted this is apparently a common situation throughout the city. Their is information trickling out that some ny dailies might be sending out another printing. UPDATE: That has been confirmed.

For those that missed the newspapers this morning, they are already making their way to ebay. (though you can also call the newspapers direct and have one mailed for cover price and stamp)

++As well, you could always just stop by the news office to pick one up, as these people did.

++Obama Wins; Subway Cars Roll Down 125th St.

++video of the election viewing on 125th st and of street celebration afterwards. (youtube)
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