Friday, November 7, 2008

Friend Of Shooting Victim Writes To NYC The Blog, Expresses Frustration And Hope

After NYCTB reported on the shooting that took place in front of 666 St. Nicholas Ave., striking two innocent bystanders on 145th, the victims' roommate and friend, Emy, writes to NYC The Blog. In an email, she writes that she and her friend, who was shot in the leg, lives in Forest Hills, Queens. According to Emy, her roommate was visiting the other victim, who lives here in Harlem.
" room mate was the one that went down with a bullet in her leg, and my other female friend was the one that grazed by a bullet. My room mate that got shot now has a bullet stuck in her leg for the rest of her life, she said doctors can't take it out because it will tear her ligaments...
Speaking about the experience, she continued,
"It's a shame why a historic place like Harlem can be so terrifying. People like that don't only make it worse for their generation but they make it worse for generations to come. Crimes like this won't ever stop, but honestly they'll never get nothing out of it but negativity. For instance, I don't think any one of us would ever step a foot into Harlem ever again just because the memory of it was so dreadful. Only for a few ruthless people who think they are tough because they can face the real challenge [would visit again.] Harlem is not a place anyone of us would ever visit. I truly do hope...that people of Harlem can make a difference,"
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