Thursday, October 23, 2008

Volunteer To Be A Part Of The Village Voice Halloween Parade

One of the years most widely appreciated events in nyc is coming up next week, the infamous Village Voice Halloween Parade, now in it's 35th year. Called the world's greatest festival with over 2 million people attending from all over the world, and utilizing awe-inspiring puppetry commisioned by world class artists, you can choose to be an active participant by volunteering in the Parade. The Village Voice Halloween Parade is taking place next Friday evening, Oct. 31. and needs volunteers to be part of their puppets, a marshall, or to help out in anyway you can running errands, assisting others, etc...This years' theme is Ghosts, and the parade is dedicated to Rudie Berkhout, "Merrymaker, Genius, Creator, Humanist, Lover, Composer, Artist, Holographer, Mentor, Explorer, Visionary, Mystic, Instigator, Teacher."

It is not too late to volunteer, and you can do by filling out an online form here, or by calling 917.620.7865. The Voice cautions those who have never puppeteered in the parade,
"Puppeteering in the Parade requires a fast two-mile walk, often carrying something unwieldy at the end of a long pole. Veterans of previous Parades will tell you, this takes a fair amount of physical endurance. Some of our jobs are easier than others, but they are all fun.

Volunteer Marshals do NOT carry puppets. Instead, they have the important position of helping to ORGANIZE the Parade from initial line-up to completion. Marshalls work alongside other Volunteers and Parade Staff to keep things running smoothly."
As well, if you would like to be a part of the parade's procession as a costumed guest, you need can show up in costume on the South or East side of 6th Avenue btw Canal and Spring St. starting at 6:30pm. The theme of this years parade is Ghosts, and the parade begins promptly at 7pm. The parade route is shown here. The afterparty will take place at Webster Hall on 125 East 11th Street 212.253.1600

Information about the parade can be found here at the Village Voice's website. Volunteer information can be found here, and the form to fill out is here. The 2007 photo gallery can be seen here. See you at the parade!

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