Thursday, October 9, 2008

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NYC The Twitter
  • !! My friend jus told me he used to date judy taurez (ed.:Torres) 20 yr ago. Google her. #
  • Omg. This same guy jus said he dated Anderson Cooper 4 yr ago. He met him at the Roxy. Dated a couple of months. #
  • On 114th btw fdb and acb. There is a four square hop scotch and other games spray painted on the road. Havent seen that in 2o yrs #
  • City Gourmet on 14th btw 2nd 3rd. Great food. Fresh. Clean place. Very affordable. No gouging #
NYC The Tumblr
  • Welcome to Met Council Housing for people, not profit #
  • Photo: New New York: SE corner 24th and 10ave #
  • Photo: Manhattan is so five minutes ago #

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