Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Put Your City On

orchard st near houston
Orchard St looking North, around the corner from Houston
  • Elementary students prove that old age adage, "my 12 year old brother knows better than you" <Streetsblog>
  • Great photos of QE2 leaving NYC for good <Tugster>
  • Two decades after scandals spurred an effort to restrict the role of money in municipal politics, an investigation finds successes and shortcomings in the landmark law.
    <City Limits>
  • Afterword, Friend to Friend, at the Library <City Room>
  • New Digital Bus Ads to Change With Neighborhood <Gothamist>
  • Video of the Concorde's return to Intrepid at Pier 86 <Newyorkology>
  • The Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum is Free This Week <The Bowery Boys>
  • Broke Bankers Refuse to 'Eat Shit and Die,' Blog Instead <Fifth Column Blogs>
  • I'm Your New Teacher. Hi, class. <New York Lookbook.nu>
  • A bridge by any other name is still the Triborough - at least to most New Yorkers
    <The Columbia Journalist (audio file)>
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