Monday, October 6, 2008

Put Your City On

Douglas Dunn & Dancers performing “In Formations”
Douglas Dunn & Dancers performing "In Formations", 08.20 on The Elevated Acre
  • From Bulgaria to Canal Street and Beyond: DJ Joro Boro <Art.Cult>
  • Geologic Time at Ground Zero <City Room>
  • What did a subway clerk do when he saw a woman being sexually assaulted on the platform? "nothing really. I was just waiting for the police." <Gothamist>
  • "Gleaming brass, polished wood, clean plate glass windows, bright, crowded with men in ties, some wearing hats, smoking, drinking cold Bud from stem glasses or shots of whiskey in one gulp." <Mr. Bellers Neighborhood>
  • Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Says Only "Super Rich" Can Afford to Live in NYC; Backs "Figurative" Hanging <Runnin' Scared>
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