Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NYTimes' City Room Blog Removes Young Manhattanite From Blog Roll

Poor young Andrew Krucoff. The "richest man in town", "media maven", Jew, philanthropist, and proprietor of the beloved blog Young Manhattanite, has been snubbed by another powerful media concern in NYC. Having already been escorted out of NYC's exulted media concern Conde Nast -when he was fired for leaking a memo- he was once again shown the proverbial door after the NYTimes' City Room blog removed him from their blogroll.

While browsing City Room's extensive and NYC centric blogroll yesterday, YM's absence from it was noticeable. Krucoff has chastised his underlings at YM in the past for picking on City Room blogger Sewell Chan...Could the removal of YM from the blogroll be belated payback? What happened in the backroom ICQ channels that caused the Times to snub YM?

NYC The Blog called Arthur reached City Room by email, and asked them if YM was indeed removed, and why. They quickly responded, and though you could hear the stammering in their written response, we can only take them at face value when it was claimed that there "must have been a glitch, from when we migrated to a new platform...but we'll make sure that one is visible again."

And just like that, not an hour later, Young Manhattanite was back on the General Interest section of the blog roll at City Room.

When contacted, Andrew admitted to noticing the absence of his blog and professed, "Frankly, I'm surprised it was there in the first place. I thought maybe they removed us after YM contributor 99 unjustly attacked Sewell Chan - http://gawker.com/5002044/is-times-favorite-sewell-chan-an-ass+covering-comment-nazi - but you'll notice in the comments how quickly I threw him under the M15. After all, Sewell Chan is more than the NYC blogosphere's magic bus; he's our subway system, congested streets, speedy taxis, slow-poke pedestrians and pot delivery guy. As far as the blogroll, I'm just happy to see the 92Y Blog still on there."

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