Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Put Your City On

village cigars
Greenwich Village's Village Cigars Shop on 110 7th Avenue South
  • "The estate refused to surrender a remaining triangle, 500 square inches, the smallest piece of private property in the city. In 1938 they sold the plot to Village Cigars for $1,000. Cracked and worn, it remains a testimony to one small triumph over the city of New York..." <Greenwich Village Daily Photo>
  • Bucky Turco would like you to have this Obama Bike<Animal>
  • Bring back the humpbacks! <Urbanite>
  • City Is Sued Over Staten Island Landfill <City Room>
  • Eyes on the Street: Going Soft on Bus Lane Violators <Streetsblog>
  • Hannah Upp Makes Surprise Public Appearance <Gothamist>
  • The Bowery Boy are hosting a NYC Trivia Night tonight <The Bowery Boys>
  • The Townhouse of Horrors on East 63rd Street <>
  • Andrew Borin, 27 2nd St at Borden Ave, Long Island City, Queens
    <I, New York>
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