Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Muggings In Harlem Happen, Police Suggest You Leave If It Bothers You. A Resident Decides That's Not A Bad Idea And Decamps To Brooklyn

As NYC The Blog reported here yesterday, a resident of Hamilton Heights was mugged Monday evening on 145th St and lost his iPhone in the affair, as well as having received a cut lip. While the victim was reporting the incident to police on the street, one officer recounted another neighborhood resident who had been mugged three times in one month, and who was so afraid to walk home at night, he asked for an escort from the police, who replied that "they don't do that." The officer further suggested that the man might want to consider moving.

That was frank advice and it seems as though a resident of 146th St, after being the victim of an assault on Broadway near 145th a few weeks ago, has decided to follow it and decamp to the safer streets of Sunset Park Brooklyn. Writing at his blog, he explained that "The main catalyst for moving...was the lack of security in the neighborhood."

In detailing how he was assaulted a few weeks ago, he created the diagram to the right to display how the attack went down and his eventual escape; as was the case with the recent mugging on Monday evening, a concerned passerby came to the victim's aid. Though he was not seriously injured in the assault, the victim has had enough. Prospect Park, if there was a clever number counter right here in this sentence that symbolized the pop. of your community, you would have just seen it advance by one.

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