Thursday, October 30, 2008

MTA/DOT/Port Authority Collectibles

Those in pursuit of the finest collectibles from the MTA can visit the MTA's online site for collectibles and memorabilia or Billy's Antiques and Props on Houston St. as NYC The Blog recently pointed out.

Or...while wearing track pants and a hoodie, you can accidentally stumble into an engineering job fair held by Columbia University, requiring "business attire ONLY" and a student I.D.

NY State DOT was present. The City of Portland, NYC DOT, The MTA, The Port Authority of NY/NJ, U.S. Dept of Commerce, U.S. Patent Office, MTA Capital Construction, The LIRR, and other companies including banks, technology concerns, and more. Each table had little gifts for the job prospects, such as a holographic bookmark from NYS DOT, little white foam hats from MTA Capital Construction, lip balm from the NYC DOT, and other neat items. While visiting the table set up by the LIRR, I attempted to convince the woman to give me the foam rail car on the table, but she explained that was for them, not to be given away.

"Are you here for a job?" she asked suspiciously.

I told her I would like one of those jobs where I can retire at 50 with full pension and disability. She looked at me perplexed, and clearly didn't know what I was referencing. I like to believe that 10 minutes later she thought about it and, recalling my witty humor, chuckled, slapped her knee, and was like, "oh!"
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