Thursday, October 2, 2008

Metrocards As Art Displays, Collected And Coveted

The NYTimes had an article recently about the growing number of people who collect, buy, sell, and trade Metrocards. It was a fascinating read, and opened a world to me that I had never before considered. Now, I have a new hobby, and whenever I see a pile of Metrocards on the ground, I might take a glance at the backs, looking for unique or interesting designs that I haven't yet seen. The NYTimes notes that some cards are very rare, done only in small quantities or only dispensed at certain stations. Click the photo collage to the right to see the cards I have picked up since reading the article.

The Times article pointed their readers to Ebay, where you can witness a burgeoning market for Metrocards, though perhaps more interesting is the ability to view the incredible variety of advertisements, public service messages, and other designs the MTA uses on the backs of their Metrocards. Many of which you may or may not ever see on your own cards. Checking the completed auctions at EBay, one finds a card recently sold for $77.00, and two blueback cards sold for $78.00.

If those numbers raise your eyebrows, the NYTimes reports that Lev Radin, an active collector, paid $700.00 for a limited edition NY Times Metro Card.

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