Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Buzz On Matt Drudge Is He Has Lost His Ability To Shape The Days Big News. Yah, Because I've Stolen His Thunder

The Anatomy of a news story in NYC, from blog buzz to mainstream press in less than 24 hours. Columbia University Students create a new erotic magazine.

After spying it on a posting dated Oct.17 on College on the Record, NYC The Blog links C-Spot, A new erotic magazine by Columbia University students, on Oct.21.

NYC The Blog sends out email tips out to NY Press, Gawker, Gothamist, etc...that morning. It appears on each site hours later(NSFW), as well as elsewhere.

Completing it's journey to a story worthy of dead trees and plundered planets, the NY Post prints the story the next morning. Has the story reached it's final destination?

p.s. Mr. O'reilly even though the magazine was not my creation, I'd be happy to come on your show and play the role of naive, sex crazed, liberal ivy league college student while you scream and yell at me. That would be exciting and I would like that.

UPDATE: Related, from Gawker, "The Post is now officially a blog on paper"'

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