Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Veritable And Much Ballyhooed About Free Market Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Socialism


That's a secret that the rich people don't want you to know. Just be quiet. This all looks like Socialism but it's not. It's prudent economics that will save your job and home. Just get back to work.

Sure, the cost to US taxpayers is approaching 700 billion dollars. We could have started another Iraq war with kind of money. Or you know, like built schools and hospitals and roads and housing. But the rich people need it. They are going to save your job!! So you can keep working and paying taxes to fund their endeavors. Yay!

It would have been interesting to watch AIG face the free market in all it's glory, which no doubt would have led to it's demise. Instead it was provided a life line by the taxpayers.The rich are not stupid you know. Contrary to what they might tell you publicly, they've really no interest in playing around in a free market. They much prefer socialism and the protection of a nanny state than the competition and cut throat nature of a free market. That sandbox is for us to play in. It's socialism for the rich, and a free market for the rest of us.

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