Tuesday, September 16, 2008

11 Reasons The ABCD Subway Line Is The Worst Subway Line In NYC During Game Day At Yankee Stadium

During gameday at Yankee stadium, the ABCD subway line turns into the worst line in nyc, hands down. The platform and train is packed with people going to the game, people who are not regular sports fan, myself included, that I am used to.

These people, Yankee fans or otherwise, seem to be a special breed of sports fan who feel the need to dress up like it's Halloween head to toe in ALL the latest sports gear of whatever team they are fans of. They often are loud and like to make sure everyone around them knows why they are here today, and what they are talking about.

Coming down the stairs to see a platform full of 'baseball fans' standing on the platform makes me so angry I could break a pencil. Gameday at Yankee stadium, to this special breed of sport fan, is what the Hipster Olympics is to residents of Williamsburg. Just an excuse to be who you really are. (which makes me feel kinda bad about hatin' on them, because everyone should be encouraged to be who you really are.)

The following is a list of things that occur like clockwork on the ABCD line whenever there is a game at Yankee stadium.
  • A fashion disaster of the most collegiate kind, which dictates that women and men, young and old, will A) all be dressed like my 6 year old nephew was on Halloween. Or B) determined to bring the cargo short back into style, even though it never was.
  • When the train arrives, they will yell at everyone in their party to "c'mon 'cmon, get in!" and will push and pull their 240 pound frames around, or heavier and with a belly if it is a man.
  • When in the train, they will talk to themselves about baseball non-stop.
  • If people in their party are at the other end of the train, they will yell these questions and answers back and forth to each other.
  • They will talk loudly about lots of interesting topics, like players who should be traded, the beer they drank this afternoon, and the last time they went to a game.
  • They will talk about their home in Illinois, and how long they have been married.
  • They will tell you about the hotel they are staying at in Times Square, or how long it takes to get to Yankee stadium form Staten Island.
  • They will talk about the game yesterday, and how if the coach just did "this that or the other" their team could have won.
  • They will ask you where you reside, and if it is safe to live there.
  • They will not clear the way for the door when the train stops, only offering to turn their belly slightly so you might try and escape.
  • They will remind you of everyone you dislike, and they will be laughing and having a great time which will make you stew inside even more. You will feel like George Costanza and hate it.
They make me so mad I am going to break two pencils, and I am NOT joking.

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