Monday, August 18, 2008

[UPDATED] You've Got Mail, Harlem World Style

Walking past one of my favorite eateries yesterday morning on St. Nicholas Ave. and glancing thru the metal security gate, I noticed some mail on the entrance steps, including a styrofoam cup with a roll of cash in it. Written on the cup was "Brown $100.00." (click photo for larger version)

Looking closely at it, it appeared if there were only two twenty dollar bills in there, but I couldn't be sure. I was a bit surprised someone would leave that there in plain sight, as someone who really needs that cash might really be attempted to make a go for it. Though not the easiest thing to grab possession of, def someone with a little ingenuity and a long stick or cane could have. There was still an hour or two before the business opened, and I'm not sure if the cash was picked up by the intended recipients, but I have a feeling it arrived safe and sound.

UPDATE:: Just spoke to the proprietor, and inquired if the money arrived safe and sound. It did not. He arrived at 10am the morning of only to find the cup, with no money in it. If you view the picture closely, you can also see a tan manila envelope to the right of the cup. That was also absent when he arrived to open the doors; he was not even aware it was present until I mentioned it to him. He explained to me that the cup was empty, and a stick with gum attached to it was laying on ground next to the security bars. :(

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