Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Video With Apollo Braun, L'enfant Terrible Of The Lower East Side?

Apollo Braun on Gawker and the Holocaust. (video url)

NYC The Blog recently spent about 30 minutes with Apollo Braun at his Orchard St boutique, on camera. You know, the Obama Is My Slave T-shirt guy, fashion designer, agent provocateur, songwriter, poet, activist, "race-bating media whore", etc...

Talking with the NY Press recently about the sometimes angry feedback he receives over his line of shirts, he pleaded, "They don't understand what I'm doing. They think I'm spreading hate." Just what is Apollo Braun doing? His Wikipedia page which he no doubt edits, states, "He is a full-scale pop-artist that is creating fashion, paintings, poetry, plays, and music."

Who is Apollo Braun? Who is this man people love to roll their eyes at, to dismiss as irrelevant, to hope failure on. This man whose fashions steadily lured customers to his store while I was there. This man who is such an adept media manipulator, whose shirts became must have items for Britney Spears, Bjork, and others who pass thru. Who is this man who so carelessly voices his disdain for Jews, and approval of Hitler?

Camera in hand, I went to 193 Orchard St to find out. Apollo spoke about a wide variety of topics, including the conflict in the Middle East, the Iraq/Iran dilemma facing the United States, his desire to have anal sex with Gawker reporter Hamilton Nolan, his recent break up with his BF josh, and his admiration for Adolph Hitler. He spoke about the Holocaust, Jews, Blacks, and Whites. He sang a song, read some poetry, and offered to show me his underwear and then backed out. We spoke about his clothes, and a pair of one off pants priced at $10,000. Apollo is a performance artist, and everything he does is all part of the play. Vulgar and offensive? An artist pushing the envelope? A performance without any filter? All three? Watch the videos and you tell me.

Over the next few days, I'll be posting video clips of the extensive interview. The first one is posted above, and you do not want to miss the bomb he drops at the end.

p.s. Today is the last day of his "every item is 69$ sale" and that is literal. Any item at Apollo Braun at 193 orchard St is 69$. If it was marked at $10,000, $580.00, or $128.00, today it is $69. He really does have some very cute stuff down there that I would def buy if I had any money.

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