Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Smart Car Watch In Harlem Now Twice As Fun

Harlem's Miss Maura Mae has spotted the a Smart Car that people love to spot in Harlem, and which has left the commenters at Curbed grasping at conspiracies about it's origin.

MMM "...spotted the car [last night] at the corner of 124th and Adam Clayton at about 6:45pm. I did note that the car had Jersey plates."

Jersey Plates! holy fuk the story gets better. This is a different Smart Car then the one on watch, which has NY plates as you can see here. There are now two Smart Car watches in Harlem. Snap those photos and send them in!

Hopefully I too will one day see the elusive Harlem Smart Car, getting at least the opportunity to talk to this rare breed in person, and on camera.

Harlem Smart Car Watch:
(photo credit Miss Maura Mae)

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