Friday, August 15, 2008

Put Your City On

34th st Penn Station
  • The Culturist has been trucking around the New York International Fringe Festival, undaunted by the rain, but more than a little overwhelmed (or is it 'under'?) by the offerings. <Culturist>
  • Train drama (Harlem) <Sekou Writes>
  • Neil Diamond Takes the N Train <Gothamist>
  • The Cost of Running the Air-Conditioner <City Room>
  • What's up with that? Is selling candy on the train legal? <I, New York>
  • In the East Village, an endangered synagogue and its divided congregation <Urbanite>
  • Electronics Recycling this weekend, get rid of all your fukn stuff you glutton. <CCFNYC>
  • Cash Back: Since 2006, the Cash Back campaign has helped 13,000 low-income New Yorkers receive $12 million in tax refunds. If you are earning $54,000 or less, you can still file your taxes online for free by visiting until October 15th. <CCFNYC>
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