Thursday, August 14, 2008

Put Your City On

levis pr stunt
Levis PR stunt in Washington Square Park
  • FREE CONCERT TONIGHT: 7pm Marcus Garvey Park. Big Daday Kane <City Parks>
  • A Bronx Artist’s Ode to Street Life, in Glass <City Room>
  • Rats Boldly Swarming Subway Platforms <Gothamist>
  • "I hate the tag ‘artist’—there are so many entitled people who refer to themselves as artists...I enjoy art as a hobby but wouldn’t refer to myself that way." <I, New York>
  • The Cushman Collection: Some of the greatest mid-century photos of New York you will ever see <Urbanite>
  • Young Manhattanite+Gawker+Rex Sorgatz+Tumblr=Media Meshing everyday <Young Manhattanite>

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