Monday, August 4, 2008

Metro Card Vending Machines at 145th St ABCD Station Not Working Last Friday

First reported on last Monday, a system wide problem plagued metro card vending machines across the city, denying purchases made via credit or debit card. It was an issue that carried thru the next day, and beyond. According to the NYTimes, "Paul J. Fleuranges, the chief spokesman for New York City Transit...characterized the problem as unprecedented in its magnitude." And now, despite claims that the problem has been corrected, NYC The Blog found out that was not the case as of Friday August 1 at the 145th ABCD Station.

In the station at 145th st on Friday afternoon around 4pm, I tried to buy an unlimited card, a single ride, a weekly pass, etc...I tried the debit card and the credit card. I tried every machine in the station. Everytime, Sorry, we are unable to process your request. I witnessed the same thing happen to another person next to me. The machines were unable to process a request via debit or credit card for any type of metro card.

Is this a problem that persists? Are the machines at 145th in good working order today? Like Geraldo, we are going in to find out, and will report back with what we find. Stay tuned!

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