Monday, July 7, 2008

Who Is On The Subway? The New York Times Follows Twitter/Newyorkist's Lead and Finds Out

The New York Times, July 4th: 'A New York Slice of America, July 3: 128 Riders United'
"...128 passengers on the "second-to-last R68A of the Q train that pulled out of DeKalb Avenue at 8:27 a.m"

99 people interviewed. 4 people were sleeping. 8 people with i-pods declined to be interviewed. Oldest passenger was 69, youngest was 3.

Recently on
M3 bus on 84th street west. 16 people. 12 caucasians. 2 latino. 2 arab. Plus one very slow driver. 42 people in car on the D express. 6 are listening to music. 3 are standing. 7 are reading. 3 are resting. The rest are jus chillin. Numbers: 115 people in the subway car Numbers: 100+ people waiting on the platform for an A or D xprs dtown

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