Monday, July 14, 2008

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer At Gawker's Offices For A 2am Bud Light?

MBP scott stringer drinking bud light at Gawkers offices at 2am?
Gawker was perplexed by the visit, and noted the "late" night visit on July 10th, apparently continuing on until at least 2am on July 11th. NYC's latest innernet boy on the scene Rex Sorgatz tweets his encounter with Scott, which was deleted a few hours later, though we do have a screen shot. Did someone from Scott's office object to the tweet? Most likely they were not even aware of it. Maybe Rex just decided he shouldn't be kissing and telling on this one.

Nick Denton, the dreamy boss of Gawker Media, was contacted via IM and asked if any follow up was forthcoming. No response was received as of press time.

Contacting Rex via email, "Do you want to add anything about why the tweet was deleted or the encounter with SS?" he replied, "er, no comment?"

MHB Scott Stringer working hard for the vote of the influential creative underclass and their social circles. That's good for a few hundreds vote maybe yes? Maybe Rangel should stop by Gawker's office next?

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