Friday, July 18, 2008

Boy Juelz; The New Prince Of NYC?

Boy Juelz - Big Homies mp3

While walking towards Canal St las night, out of the corner of my eye I witnessed a man fall backwards and crack his head open on the street. He was bleeding heavily, and i learned that his girlfriend had just pushed him, though I missed that part. He sat on his rear end moaning, sounding like a very hurt man. 911 was on the way, and two men walking by held a t-shirt to his head that quickly filled up with blood.

Now walking on Canal St, a young man brazenly tagged the shit out of a phone booth kiosk, in full public view. The spray happy kid sat down with two others on the steps of a store front. I could hear him shake the paint can as I passed, and almost turned my head to see if he was going to tag something else, me maybe? But I never did get to turn my head.

From a little stand next door, x-rated dvd's proliferated, and one track was blaring from the boombox on a crate. "Boy Juelz, Im number one in Africa, I gotta be number one in America...I'm the best so fuk y'all the rest, you all sound likea face, so much rapper they just likea mace..."

"Holy. This shit is hott."


"what album is this?"

"a mix"

"yah. who's this kid on the track?"

"Juelz. Boy Juelz"

"Damn, where did he come from?"

"been up on the mixtape scene just for a minute now"

"So hott. I need this. This kid is gonna sell albums."

"I dont have anymore."

"dude, sell me this one."

You can hear the French accent in his voice when he raps, West African you could suppose. Who the fuk knows. Two results come up for his name in a Google blogsearch, both leading to a file share on the mix tape I uploaded this track from; DJ Don Demarco's Str8 Outta South Side Part 1.

Boy Juelz, the new Prince of New York? I think maybe yes.

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