Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MF Gallery's Last Show On Rivington

Deth Race. mf gallery last show on Rivington

This past Saturday evening, as part of the Make Music New York 2008 Festival -a festival hosting over 2000 free shows across the five boroughs- the MF Gallery (MySpace) at 157 Rivington downtown held their Equinox Music Festival. It was the last show being held in their space on Rivington, getting ready as they are to move across the bridge to Gowanus BK.

The Gallery was making great drinks for a suggested donation of two dollars, (holla) and some people obvs really put some time into their outfits; little details like pink ribbon for shoe laces, for instance.

Death Metal music makers Deth Race performed on the sidewalk, as dozens of well heeled people walked by looking either bemused of indifferent; present in the 'hood to attend to their social rituals at one of the many bars in the neighborhood. People living across the street threw oranges at the crowd of punk rockers and artists gathered around watching the band; locals who live on the street or nearby frustratingly pushed their young children in strollers through the crowd, shaking their head with what seemed like disgust at the motley crew gathered. The police were called for a noise complaint. For brief moments, either perceived or real, subtle notes of class, race, gentrification, young vs old, rich vs poor, us vs them, locals vs tourists, artists vs workers, hate bitterness and happiness all stewed together in nyc's soup. It smelled really good.

An attendee lamented MF Gallery moving to BK, and noted a long list of venues no longer around, venues which allowed like minded art and life to be. I thought of the man I saw pushing his child in the stroller through the crowd, with other children following close behind, and wondered what he thought about this.

The Gorgeous Ladies of Blood Wrestling performed at the event as well, though they asked me to refrain from posting the photos and video I shot. :(

Maybe photos from Deth Race, with a few other randos, can suffice?

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