Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Target And MTA Unveil First Full Length Subway Train Wrapped In Advertising

Yesterday morning, the 6 train become the first ever full length train completely wrapped in advertising to run on the New York City subway system. The cartoonish and unexpected ad wrapped train, in support of a new Target opening in East Harlem this July, will run for six weeks, generating $250,000 in revenue for the MTA. (See a full set of photos here.)

You may have seen subway cars wrapped in ads before—the three car Times Square shuttle, for instance.  The History Channel and Google both wrapped the Times Square shuttle in 2008 when the MTA began to allow a full wrap of trains. More recently, the Netherlands Board of Tourism wrapped the shuttle in what might be the most elaborate and complicated wrap yet, due to its extensive detailing (photo album here). But never before has a full length train been wrapped.

Below, watch video of the full train travel through the 96 Street station to fully appreciate the bizarre nature of seeing our beloved trains covered in red and white circles.

UPDATE: The story is picked up by GawkerGothamistWNYC, NYT, Racked, and the Minneapolis - St. Paul Business Journal, among other destinations on L'internet.

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