Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Smart Car Watch In Harlem. (Is The Vespa Scooter The New Symbol Of The New Harlem?)

After a brief dry spell with a lack of sightings, the Harlem Smart Car Watch at NYC The Blog continues, with this smart looking red one, a popular color, spotted Sunday on 123rd St and Manhattan Avenue as it's owner prepared to open the hatch.

What might be considered more important however, and certainly was more exciting to me, were the two Vespas spotted during the same walk at different locations. The first one, an orange Vespa in the photo bottom right, was spotted parked on the sidewalk around the corner from the Smart Car, on 117th and Morningside Ave. The second one, a black model seen in the poorly lit photo bottom left, was parked on 110th btw Amsterdam and Broadway, an area better known as Morningside Heights. Blogger Harlem Fur came out of retirement in July to note his first sighting of a Smart Car, his headline at the time declaring, "Harlem Is Over: Smart Car Signals the End"

With Harlem declared over in July upon sighting of a Smart Car, two Vespa sightings in one day must surely mark a new chapter in Harlem's gentrification. I'd like to see Harlem Fur's headline for this one.
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