Friday, March 18, 2011

Subway Fight Erupts After Passenger Objects To Spaghetti Eating

Details are scant on this one but we know a few things. A woman riding a crowded subway was unabashedly eating her spaghetti out of a large styrofoam container. A passenger sitting nearby objected, politely inquiring: "What kind of animals eat on the train like that?!" You can imagine how the situation progressed from there. Despite the calm interjections of another passenger for maturity, things really went downhill around the 2:30 mark, when the gastronome threw her spaghetti at the other woman.

After much arguing and aggressive posturing, a fight ensued that was broken up by multiple passengers. One man who helped separate the women was scratched in the face. Addressing the women who assaulted the other passenger, he told them again, "y'all need to chill out!"

"What you mean chill out?" responded the woman who threw her spaghetti and attacked the passenger, a middle-aged woman. "We the child, she grown. She need to chill out!"

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