Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome To New York And Rats On The Train (Video)

Its officially a hot new trend in New York City: rats on the train. Fire up the Facebook page and notify the press. Following recent video of a subway rat waking up a sleeping man that was seen all over the world, new video filmed on Tuesday shows yet another subway rat riding the train. And unlike the nonchalant passengers in the former video, these commuters responded appropriately—by screaming and jumping up on their seats. Watch below: 

In an email to NYC The Blog, the videographer, 43-year-old Brooklyn resident Nelson V. Gomez, said he was riding an R train in Manhattan on his way to the dentist on Tuesday around 3:00pm when the rat entered the car at the Wall Street station and scurried from one end to the other, and back again, The crisis was averted when it became clear that the little critter was just looking for a ride, and got off at the next station. And what does Nelson think of the previous subway rat video seen by many? "If a NYC subway rat climb on me and licked my face," he said, "I would have hurled my lunch!"
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