Monday, December 20, 2010

Video: Don't Shove Me Bro! Turtle Bay Bar Patron Hits The Pavement Four Times In Confrontation With Bouncer

A casually dressed, presumably very intoxicated drunk young man, sporting a snappy blazer, button down shirt and blue jeans, aggressively verbally assaulted a large bouncer outside of Clancy's* on 2nd Ave, north of 51st Street. This had predictable results, with the bouncer shoving the hapless dude down to the ground at least four times. The sloshed patron did not let this deter him, jumping right back up each time to continue antagonizing the exasperated bouncer, while his trusty sidekick threatened a lawsuit for assault over and over again. Watch the ridiculous video below.

*It appears this happened outside of Clancy's on 2nd Ave in Turtle Bay. In the video, you can briefly see a Tasti D-lite and Murphy's Pub across the street, both of which sit across the street from Clancy's. (Google street view).

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