Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video: San Genarro Food Vendor Smashes Chair Over Visitors Head

Summer might be over for the leisure class, but it isn't over for the other half until the Feast of San Genarro's last day on September 26. Which means the proletariat are still engaged in a timeless summer past time: street fighting!

Last Saturday on Mulberry Street, near Focolare Restaurant between Canal and Hester, a food vendor at San Genarro had it out with an out of control visitor. Naturally, the vendor smashed a chair over his head.

Incredibly, the situation™ seems to have ended there. Nobody's head was smashed into an oven, or hand nailed to a table. As a matter of fact, the altercation was so uninteresting that the police didn't even bother to show up until a few minutes in, and they are stationed on every corner!

UPDATE: The person who uploaded the video explained via email: "I don't know what started the fight. I was just visiting the festival. The attendee (the one hit with the chair) was told to leave by the police. If he said anything else he would go to jail. He walked away and was not arrested."

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