Friday, June 4, 2010

UPDATED: This Just In: Hotel Toshi To *Allegedly* Leave 280 Mulberry Due To Tenant Activism

After posting about a potential new Hotel Toshi unit on Mott Street, Robert Chan, proprietor of Hotel Toshi, called NYC The Blog for a little chat and to offer information about his plans in Nolita, specifically at 280 Mulberry Street and on Mott Street, and imparted surprising news...
Toshi is actively trying to vacate 280 Mulberry Street, "no later than the 15th of this month," according to Robert. They are voluntarily vacating the building, have informed the landlord, and are actively trying to get out as soon as possible. "we we're going to leave today, but something came up."

Asked why, he explained a resident at 280 Mulberry Street has made it challenging to operate his business of renting out an apartment there on a nightly basis. "Sometimes," he lamented, "you just can't placate everyone, and it's easier to leave."

So will they be opening a new location in Nolita, as the flyers, and his website, imply?

"No. We won't be. We've decided not to open on Mott Street. It is too close to 280 Mulberry and the person there. We won't be opening anywhere near Mulberry Street." 

Resident of 280 Mulberry Street, anonymous flyer, you should congratulate yourself/selves on Mission Accomplished. Add this to a report on Curbed today passing along a rumor of an impending bust up by the Department of Buildings, and Hotel Toshi might be on its last legs.

UPDATE 06.16.10:
Headline was updated to reflect the possibility, looking more and more plausible, that Hotel Toshi might have offered misleading information about vacating the address.

UPDATE 07.05.10: Checking In With Hotel Toshi: Will They Stay Or Will They Go?

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