Saturday, June 5, 2010

City Shuts Down 'Cheap Shots' Bar With A Leg Drop From Top Turnbuckle

Cheap Shots, a "balls-out dive bar with rock-bottom drink specials" at 140 First Ave between 9th St. & St. Marks Place, was slapped with two court orders yesterday shutting the place for "illegal activities."

After serving underage auxiliary police officers on at least three occasions as of late, as well as being the scene of a couple of physical kerfuffles, the City of New York had enough. Allison L Arenson, attorney in the office of the Legal Bureau of the Police Department and plaintiff in this case, has laid out the city's case in pages of arguments, which were laying on the sidewalk out front.

"The community has severely suffered and continues to suffer, as a result of the illegal activities...interfering with the health, safety and well being of those who live, work and visit in the surrounding neighborhood."

"It can not be denied," she wrote, "that the subject premises is a public nuisance, and as such should not be allowed to remain open even one more day."

Leg drop.

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