Friday, June 25, 2010

Shell Oil To New York City: We're Not As Bad As BP

That seems to be the message Shell Oil is trying to convey to New York City residents via their latest ad campaign. BP might not have a clue as to how to proceed, but Shell Oil does, and they are going to tell you about it.

This week, that campaign reached all the way into the 6 train. (More photos here). But don't let those composed and indifferent commuters seen above fool you, Shell Oil makes people happy. Look at how happy these people are! They are beside themselves with joy.

The ad campaign, though certainly serving many purposes, seems largely an attempt by Shell to differentiate themselves from BP, and claim a little of the 'green' mantle that BP used to sit atop, as oxymoronic as that is on both counts. "Let's pass energy on to the next generation. Let's go," Shell implores. Interestingly, BP has guaranteed they will be passing energy onto next generations in the gulf coast for decades.

Advertising Age
spoke to an industry executive about Shell's new campaign. The executive told them it was unusual for an a major player to call attention to themselves in time of monumental disaster such as the Gulf Oil spill, because an accident like that could happen to any of them. The best bet would be to lay low, and minimize the chance Newyorkers pay attention to them, lest they protest against their sorry ass too at The New York Times building.

Eric Dezenhall, CEO and co-founder of Dezenhall Resources, agreed, but added that at some point soon, all the major oil companies will have to start to get their message out in front of the consumer, letting us know that they are not as bad as BP. Looking forward!

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