Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Piss And Sh*t Wars Continue: Upper East Side Resident Prepares Air Assault

This hand drawn sign was spotted on the demure and reserved Upper East Side; 89th Street between 3rd and Lexington Avenues to be exact. If you can't make it out, it says: "War On Dog Poop. It Will Be Returned Air Mail."

You have been forewarned, residents of East 89th Street. Don't let little Sparky poop on these flower beds, lest you become the victim of an BM bomb campaign from the 89th Street Fecal Matter Air Defense Forces. NYC The Blog, by the way, is a proud supporter of our friends in the Air Force.

From Soho to Murray Hill and up to the UES, the tremendous amount of fecal matter and urine from New Yorker's beloved pets being discharged daily onto public streets has even inspired the work of normally staid sketch artists. The conflict seems to be growing. Is dog poop the new cigarette smoking?

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