Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hells Angels Forever: The Abridged 3rd Street Version

An abridged version of the early 80s documentary Hells Angels Forever has been uploaded to YouTube, edited down to a 14 minute clip of "most of the footage that was filmed on 3rd [Street]" in front of the Hells Angel club house in the late 70s.

"I lived across the street from the clubhouse for 10 years," wrote the YouTube user who uploaded the clip, "from mid-1970s to mid-1980s. The first guy speaking is Howie Weisbrod, who's apartment was directly across the street from mine. Next guy is Big Vinny Girolamo, who later lost his life in a knife fight with an Oakland Hells Angel, back in 1979."

Don't miss the smartly dressed gentleman shortly after the 7 minute mark. He rightly chastises police officers in front of the club house for fraternizing with Hells Angels members, and then complains to an NYPD "inspector" about the rank and file on-duty officers who are standing on the street smoking in uniform.

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