Saturday, March 26, 2011

Century Old Mulberry Street Bar Shuttered By Health Department

Mulberry Street's century old Mulberry Street Bar was shuttered by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on March 22 after receiving 47 violation points, two critical, in a recent inspection. Handwritten signs posted in the window of the establishment claim the order is due to a lapsed permit and a document taped to the window ostensibly supports that claim. But that seems open for debate.

A closer look at the document from December 10, 2010 (which suspiciously appears to have been re-posted) notes the temporary permit will lapse on February 15, and is in regard to a "sidewalk cafe unenclosed." (See photo below.) Further, would the DOHMH be the agency shutting an establishment due to lack of permits, five weeks later? Either way, DOHMH inspection record shows that the restaurant was also inspected on March 1, and therefore open for business post February 15, so the permits must have been in order. In a phone call to the bar inquiring when they expect to re-open, the person who answered the phone said the bar will re-open on Monday. "There was a mix up with the permits," he explained. Gothamist also followed up, and was informed the bar is closed "for renovations."

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